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Our Story – Growing up in Texas, BBQ was a big part of every day life. After 20 years in Boston, we could not be more excited to be going back to our roots and bringing Texas Style BBQ to Boston. Growing up, we learned from our Memmie there is nothing better than good company and great BBQ. The folks in Boston have been so welcoming to us over the years that we already have good company, so we thought we would share our family’s BBQ recipes with ya’ll so we could all have some good BBQ! Our meats are rubbed with some of the most delicious seasonings and cooked low and slow to tease every ounce of flavor out. Our side dishes scream southern comfort and will bring you every comfort of back home. And for those of you who like to keep it a little lighter, we have mixed traditional BBQ with some healthy veggies and grains to lighten the load. We don’t care if you wear cowboy boots and a lid or boat shoes and a RedSox cap, everyone is family at Sheds. So come on down and dine with us…we have seating fro 60! Or grab a platter to go if you don’t have time to sit and visit. Either way, our door is always open at Shed’s. Yeee haw!

Uniquely Yours – 
We aren’t just from Texas Stock…our recipes are too! We source the best meats for our smoking process but what really sets us apart are our rubs and sauces – perfected for the best BBQ on the market. Shed’s is committed to bringing you quality meat and ingredients and the best darn BBQ in Boston.

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